How to Claim

How to Claim

All Associates work on a claims basis and are required to submit their claims for hours worked online through the MyView self-serve system, using their University log in details. 

Please ensure your claims are submitted in a timely manner.  To ensure prompt payment, your claims should be entered on to MyView, allowing sufficient time for your finance officer to approve them by the 10th of the Month. 

Completed and authorised claims for payment for hours completed by Associates will be made on or before the 25th of each month by bank transfer.

Claiming for Minimum Guaranteed Hours

The claim form must only be completed where the Minimum guaranteed hours of 5 has not been met during the academic year.  Hours may be claimed up to the max of 5 and will be paid at the basic hourly rate in line with the current pay scales.  The form must be submitted to your College Finance officer for verification.  All approved claims will be paid on the next available payroll run.

This does not apply to Work based distance learning tutors as their schedule does not coincide with the September to August period.  Please contact your finance officer within LIBS should you feel this may apply to you.