Relocating to Lincolnshire

Arranging your Accomodation

It is important to decide which type of accommodation you want and where you may want to live before you arrive. We recommend that you organise your accommodation as soon as you have accepted your offer of employment.

Initially, you may wish to book short-term accommodation in a hotel or guest house before you make a more informed choice about your permanent accommodation. These websites may be useful for short-term accommodation:


There are different types of accommodation you may want to choose from. Depending on your circumstances you may either want to rent or buy a property.

If you decide to rent, there is a wide range or properties available in Lincolnshire. The price of your rent will depend on the size of the property, its location and if it is furnished or unfurnished. Minimal rental periods are usually six to twelve months, which are often renewed on a monthly basis. To find a property either to buy or rent, these websites may be useful:


Buying a property can be a complex and lengthy process. Depending on your financial circumstances, it may require taking out a long-term loan, called a mortgage. For useful information about house buying, mortgages and legal jargon made easy, go to:

Relocation Support Services

Relocation Support Services (RSS) is the University of Lincoln’s designated relocation partner to support you throughout your relocation. RSS provide a full range of relocation services form finding the perfect new home to helping ensure your shipment of household goods arrive on time.

Services include:

  • Healthcare
  • Household goods removal and move management
  • Home finding services
  • Settling-In services
  • Area Orientation
  • School Search
  • Removals and Move Management
  • Advice on opening a UK bank account
  • Pre-departure checklists to help you plan your move

They provide information about:

  • Healthcare
  • Renting in the UK
  • Education
  • Driving and more

They provide assistance with:

  • Sourcing temporary accommodation
  • Airport transfer
  • Rental furniture
  • Tenancy negotiation
  • Pet transportation

If you would like to engage the services of RSS please contact the University’s Payroll Services Team at

Further information about Relocation Support Services can be found on their website.

Staff with a relocation allowance may decide whether or not to appoint RSS and pay for services from their allowance.