Ondo – Your Wellbeing App

Boost your Wellbeing with Ondo

Welcome to Ondo, the app from Mercer that will transform your wellbeing. By focusing on the individual and harnessing the power of social communities, Ondo will help you make – and maintain – positive behaviour changes to achieve your wellbeing goals.

We have introduced this app to help you boost your wellbeing by staying connected with colleagues, as well as being up to date with the different wellbeing activities that are happening around the University.

Let’s be well together.

How to Sign Up to Ondo

Step 1 – Scan the QR code to access the app store and download ‘Ondo’.

Step 2 – To create an account, you’ll need the university code – UNILIN55331. Then select the <<add team>> and sign up using your University of Lincoln email address.  

Step 3 – Spruce up your profile while your account is being approved! Set your display picture and bio. Tell us a little bit about yourself! You will get a badge for doing so!

Step 4 – Take a look around!  Check out the newsfeed, the dashboard which has helpful resources and also the kudos feed.

Step 5 – Now lets get started! Say hello on by introducing yourself on the newsfeed and start posting! While in the dashboard, you can also join as many communities as you want by click on the top left arrow icon.