Mobility Policies

For easy reference, here are the policies relating to Visas Immigration & Relocation:

Work Visa Loan Scheme

The University is committed to ensuring that employees are supported where their employment at the University also brings with it additional requirements and financial costs in respect of Visa fees and surcharges.

The Visa Loan Scheme offers employees a chance to agree a short term interest free loan in order to cover the associated costs, and repay the amount over an agreed period of time. This scheme helps to both spread the cost of payment and support financial planning activities for our employees.

Colleagues wishing to apply for a visa loan through the University must meet the following criteria:

Currently an employee on a permanent of a fixed term contract with an end date that is at least 12 months after the first loan repayment date.
Must require a UK visa in order to carry out their employed duties.
The employee is responsible for completing all application documents for the Government themselves, the University will only be responsible for the granting of the loan and the repayment terms.
The applicant must be endorsed by their line manager

Employees applying for the visa loan scheme can do so at any point throughout the financial year up to the maximum of £7,500 Loans are interest free and not subject to any taxation or administration charges.

Visa Support Scheme

The University’s Visa Support Scheme is intended to provide an upfront payment to assist employees with the costs associated with their own visa application.

Colleagues wishing to apply for the VISA support scheme must meet the following criteria:

  • The Visa support scheme only applies to colleagues newly appointed at the University of Lincoln for the costs associated with applying for their own Visa. Financial support can be for the full duration of the contract.
  • The applicant must require a UK visa to commence employment at the University of Lincoln.
  • The application and initial payment for a UK Visa is the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Where financial support is needed for an individual’s IHS and / or their family’s Visa and IHS (NHS surcharge), applications can be made through the Visa Loan Scheme.
  • The Visa Support Scheme is not applicable to individuals applying for renewals, Indefinite leave to remain, transfer from a spouse Visa as the individual will currently be employed and therefore the policy does not apply.  
  • The policy supports the application for a UK Visa from a student Visa, providing the VISA is in relation to the commencement of employment at the University of Lincoln.  

and visit the Policies and Procedures portal page for the Visa Loan and Visa Support policy and application forms.

Relocation Policy

The Relocation Policy provides that a relocation allowance is offered to appointments at a senior level to support with the expenses incurred as a result of a change in their place of residence, either within the United Kingdom or from overseas (outside the UK) to the UK – Relocation Policy

Advance Relocation Allowance 

If you have been offered a relocation allowance  and require funds in advance, please contact us 

Expenses System How to Claim

You can submit your claim(s) for the relocation expenses you have incurred once you have commenced employment with usYou do this via the Expenses section on My View and will need to upload receiptsYou will be reimbursed in your first salary on the 25th of the month, subject to payroll deadlines. 

Visa Reimbursement Scheme

Please find our Visa Reimbursement Scheme here