Your Pay

Your Pay

Pay Day

  • Our weekly payroll is paid on a Friday
  • Our monthly payroll paid on the working day on or before the 25th of the month with the exception of the December payroll which is confirmed nearer the time.

2023 Monthly Pay Dates

  • January – Wednesday 25th
  • February – Friday 24th
  • March – Friday 24th
  • April – Tuesday 25th
  • May – Thursday 25th
  • June – Friday 23rd
  • July – Tuesday 25th
  • August – Friday 25th
  • September – Monday 25th
  • October – Wednesday 25th
  • November – Friday 24th
  • December – TBC

Making Changes

  • Monthly payroll: changes must be made by the 15th of the month
  • Weekly payroll: make changes by 5pm Monday for the Friday payment day.


  • You can view and download your payslip on MyView
  • The ‘My Pay’ section features detailed information and informative descriptions
  • If you require a physical copy of your payslip, please contact us.