Right to Work Checks – How to Guidance

Rights to Work Checks – How to Guidance

The sections below provide guidance on ‘Completing Right to Work Checks’ (RTW) from 1st October 2022.

The prescribed ways to check a RTW are now:

1.   Manual Check

An in-person manual right to work check of an individual’s original documentation for those with a UK/Irish passport, Irish passport card or entry clearance vignette. OR a manual right to work check – in the physical presence (Documents posted via the University courier) of the original ‘right to work documentation’ via video call – for UK/Irish passport holders only, entry clearance vignettes cannot be posted.

2.    IDVT Remote Check

Identification Document Validation Technology (IDVT) check with a follow-up video call ‘likeness’ check with the University for those with an in-date UK/Irish passport or Irish passport card.

3.  Home Office Online Check

An online right to work check and video call using the Home Office Online Right to work Checking Service for individuals with a ‘Home Office Digital Profile’ and ‘Share code’.

Please note it is important:

To ask applicants how they wish to demonstrate their right to work and not make assumptions on the type of RTW an individual may have.
Right to work checks must be applied equally to all employees/workers to ensure that we remain compliant with our duty to prevent illegal working and at the same time avoid unlawful discrimination.

To ensure checks take place ahead of the start date and not on the start date to provide us with a statutory excuse, avoid liability for a civil penalty and meet our compliance duties as a ‘Highly Trusted Sponsor’