Short-Term Research Contract Cover Process

Short-Term Research Cover Process

There may be situations where cover is required to bridge a gap of employment contracts for externally funded projects, due to a resignation of an employee on a research only fixed term contract. A short-term research only vacancy cover process has been created to attempt to cover these gaps where there is either not enough time left before the end date of a project for external recruitment or cover is required while external recruitment is ongoing.


This process encourages internal promotion and development, while providing opportunities for researchers to develop their career pathways. The University aims to provide opportunities for cross-disciplinary working and development of transferable skills.


The process map is included that highlights the steps for short term research cover. Line managers should contact their PPC Business Advisors to discuss the need to fill short-term gaps and review role requirements. PPC Business Advisors will inform managers on the necessary requirements and work with the manager to find suitable cover for these roles. Consideration will need to be given on any conditions to immigration and renumeration.