Support for Families

Education SystemInformation About UK Education System 

In England, children ages 5-16 must be in full-time education, but the education structure begins at age 3-4 with Nursery. Children will enter primary school at age 4-5, then secondary school at age 11-12. The age of a child on 1 September determines when they need to start.

Schools and Nurseries

Search the Lincolnshire County Council’s directory to find your nearest children’s centre.

Applying for a school place

Ofsted – find an inspection report on schools and nurseries here

Help with Childcare Costs

Here is a Government calculator to find out if you can get any help with your childcare costs.

Onsite Nursery – Children 1st 

Wonderful location in the heart of the university quarter, close to the beautiful Marina, makes them special. 

At the nursery, they are proud of their links with the university and their focus is on supporting families with busy working lives. They have recently gone through a full refurbishment programme with gusto, including re-designing the baby suite with the needs of our youngest children in mind.

Things To Do?