Development Opportunities

Development Opportunities

We provide a varied and comprehensive offering to aid staff in personal and professional development.

Read an overview of some of the development opportunities we offer below.

The Lincoln Welcome

The Lincoln Welcome is the University’s induction event that aims to provide new starters with key information and the opportunity to meet and network with key people from across the University.

The event focuses on three main themes of “let’s talk about the University”, “let’s talk about our students” and “let’s talk about you”. 

Staff Development Programmes

We offer programmes to aid in the professional and personal development of staff. We are committed to investing in a range of options, both in and out of the classroom.

We provide development in areas such as equality and diversity, digital education, supporting students, wellbeing, personal development, ICT and more.

Management and Leadership Development

Here at the University of Lincoln, we understand the importance of effective leaders who provide direction, support and motivation to their teams. 

We are committed to helping develop and support leaders and provide programmes and training for managers of all experiences. Our programmes include; management essentials, ILM Levels 3 and 5 and management degree apprenticeships.

Online Training and Support

To support different ways of learning we provide a blended learning approach with a dedicated online learning platform. Staff can access a variety of modules relating to personal and professional development such as digital skills, health and wellbeing, supporting students and management and leadership. 

Staff also have access to LinkedIn Learning which provides high-quality video tutorials on a range of subjects, software and business topics. 

Professional and Management Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a work-based professional learning opportunity offering a flexible alternative to traditional classroom learning.

Here at the University of Lincoln, staff are able to undertake programmes in academic development, business administration, customer service, digital skills and leadership and management. 

The Lincoln Award

The Lincoln Award is a structured development programme for Graduate Interns to aid in the improvement of key soft skills that can be applied during the graduate’s internship and throughout their career. 

The programme comprises of workshops focusing on personal and professional development, organisational awareness and careers.

I rely on a full time wage and I didn’t think it was possible to for me to study towards a degree and continue working, but the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) is giving me that opportunity.

Natalie Swain

Event Officer