Colleague Survey

Colleague Survey 2023



The University of Lincoln All Colleague Survey ran from 10th May 2023 to 9th June 2023, collecting responses to 70 questions across 10 themes.  All questions and themes have been reviewed and approved by SLT.    

The survey was sent out to all colleagues at the University including associates and casual workers with the survey making use of Microsoft Form’s anonymity settings.  

Below is the table with the average scores from each question across the University.

Directorates and Schools have received their individual details reports as of 2nd Octobers 2023, with the Head of the Area to communicate the results locally.

How To Interpret Scores

1 to 2.3

2.3 to 4.7

4.7 to 7

*The Eleanor Glanville Institute ran the University of Lincoln Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Culture Survey between February 2023 and March 2023. If you have any queries regarding the results of that survey please contact EGI directly.

This website will continue to be updated with actions as a result of the response from the survey. If you have any queries regarding your local results please contact your Head of Area. For any general questions, please email